Fancy: Pocket-friendly Gimbal

Are you fond of watching vlogs on YouTube or Instagram? Ever wish you took the same clear photos and steady videos as your favorite video blogger? The secret behind those steady walk-around-town videos and non-grainy photos is a gimbal. When you google “gimbal” on the internet and click the Images tab of your results page, you are redirected to a page full of photos of a black contraption with either a single or dual rod that seems more likely to be found in a mechanic’s garage or laboratory. For most people, the gimbal is simply called a stabilizer and you use it for taking videos and photos with your camera when you’re on the go (literally, when you’re walking or moving) without sacrificing image quality. From the viewpoint of a non-professional photographer, the gimbal seems intimidating, complicated to use, heavy and expensive.

With the evolving era of smartphones, manufacturers have created stabilizers for smartphones but none is comparable to Fancy in terms of size and weight. Created by Wewow to be the world’s smallest and lightest handheld stabilizer, Fancy will let you take no-shake videos anytime and anywhere.

 Fancy Box – Fancy gimbal, monopod and cable charger   
Fancy LED Light Button
Fancy Selfie Mirror
Fancy Power Button and Charging Port

Let Fancy break our first impressions on the traditional stabilizer:

  1. Intimidating – With the pocket-size dimensions of just 113mm x 43.5mm x 23mm, Fancy is not at all intimidating in terms of size, and with the smooth, sleek matte finish of its solid hardware, you’ll want to own all four colors
  2. Complicated to use – With just three simple steps, you’re ready to use your Fancy gimbal! Fancy can hold up any device from 4.3” to 6” wide and shoot in portrait or landscape mode. Charge it for just two hours and you can use your gimbal for eight hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               steps fancy                                                                                                     Source:                                                                                                          
  3. Heavy – Weighing only 180g, your wallet is probably heavier than Fancy so you need not worry about how heavy your bag will be if you carry it around 
  4. Expensive – At less than Php5,000, you get more than what you pay for because Fancy is created with a built-in selfie mirror at the back and an LED light for that perfect    IG-worthy selfie, and it has a standard tripod mount at the base that you can attach to either its very own monopod or any other monopod or tripod. Ran out of battery from taking vidoes? Fancy can also be used as a powerbank!           

In this day and age of selfies, groufies and countless time-lapse videos alongside airline seat sales and travel promos, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own smartphone gimbal and start capturing steady videos and clear-as-water images of your trips? I see a nod! Head on over to product page and get your hands on Fancy!

Best to use for: Outdoor activities, vlogging, video shoots (personal and professional)
Best performance when: You’re having fun!
Best to give as gift to: Friends and family who like to travel, enjoy outdoor adventures and love to document trips

Do you have other (more technical) questions about Fancy? This might help you:                                                                                  

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