Wear Your Adventure with Qlippie

Qlippie is a tiny wearable camera that, as the name suggests, you can “clip” on your shirt or your bag strap or pockets and, being the first dressable camera globally, you can match it with your ensemble by choosing among different stick-on signature skins. When your OOTD is all set, just select the shooting mode and you’re good to go—choose the camera mode so you’re ready for quick point-and-shooting, or set it to video mode and take videos hands-free.

What comes in your brown Qlippie box? It includes a tin can that safely stores your Qlippie camera, USB charging cable, User Manual, Warranty Card and the 12 free Qlippie skins that you can dress your camera up with. In a separate box, you have your wrist strap and tripod or monopod connector. You can order the waterproof casing separately here (insert BP hyperlink to waterproof case) so you can enjoy taking snapshots up to 15m underwater.


Little as it may look on the palm of your hand at 48 x 48 x 15.5mm and light as it is at only 40g, it packs a powerful 32GB memory to store 8MP photos and 1080p videos (except Slow-Mo videos). The Qlippie camera has this sleek matte white finish and three buttons for ease of use—the Shutter or Mode Indicator at the top which is for taking photos or videos and as indicator of the shooting mode, and the Power and Mode buttons on the left. The Mode button is yellow when you turn it on and it indicates you can connect it to your smartphone via WiFi, it turns green for stand-alone camera and red for stand-alone video shooting. The USB charging port and speaker is on the right while Qlippie has a mic on both sides. Finally, the matte silver clip is attached at the back. The overall finish and feel of the camera is light but not cheap and scratch-proof to some extent.

Qlippie Lens
Shutter / Mode Indicator
Power Button, Mode Button and Mic
Mic, Charging Port and Speaker

Qlippie comes with a user-friendly application (or “app”, as millennials would say) of the same name which you can either download for free by searching “Qlippie” in Play Store or App Store or by scanning the QR code printed on the tin can holder so it automatically brings you to the specific Qlippie app that you may download. 


Connect to the app by turning on your smartphone’s WiFi and switching your Qlippie camera to WiFi mode. The Qlippie app allows you to preview your subject before you actually take a photo or shoot a video as opposed to when it’s on stand-alone camera or video mode. The app lets you easily swipe and switch to different modes--Time Lapse, Slow-Mo, Video, Livestream and Camera.

With the price point of less than Php5,000 only, the Qlippie gives you pretty decent photos and videos and gives you easy and uncomplicated memory keeping:

Standalone Camera: Close-up
Standalone Camera: Wide Angle Scenery
Standalone Camera: Food Shot
Standalone Camera: Inside Lighting

Shooting videos or taking photos with your phone makes you focus your attention on your phone’s camera frame so you tend to miss other beautiful things around. With Qlippie clipped on your jacket or bag strap or even pocket, you get to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings first-hand as it does the job of capturing every bit of what you see while clipped on you. Live life, enjoy your trips, and let Qlippie easily record your memories for you!

Best to use for: Outdoor activities, blogging (Speak on the mic and give your comments while exploring then replay later on for your write-up), Day trips
Best performance when: Used in natural lighting and with steady hands
Best to give as gift to: Friends and family who like to travel, enjoy outdoor adventures and loves to document trips

Excited to have your very own Qlippie? Just place your order here (insert link)!

Do you have other (more technical) questions about the Qlippie camera? This Qlippie FAQ might help you: https://www.qlippie.com/en/support/

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