1.  What are the size of the photos?
     Below is a simple schematic of the Fuji Instax Mini vs. Fuji Instax Wide vs. Polaroid 600 formats.
2. How Much Does It Cost?
   See the Get a Quote page to get the price for your custom package.
3. What does the price include?
   Price includes:
  • To shipping with tracking
  • Return shipping
  • Taxes
  • Insurance for damaged, but not lost cameras.
  • Case
  • Extra set of batteries
4. When do the items ship?
    Items ship via FedEx Express on Thursday the week prior to arrive Tuesday/Wednesday the week of the event
5. How do I return the cameras?
    Simply keep all the packaging the cameras were received in and wait for us to email you a return label.  You then visit any          FedEx Office/Kinkos to complete the return.
6. How many cameras and film packs should I order?
    There are no hard and fast rules for the number of cameras and film packs.  Good rules of thumb are 1-2 packs (10-20                photos) per 10 people and 1 camera for every 50-75 guests. If you need more guidance please contact us. 
7. Do you ship internationally?
    Current we only ship to locations in the U.S. and Canada.
8. What does an individual card stock from look like?
     See here.

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